Allan Wickstrom

Former Owner of Broadway Shoe Repair

When I think of Charlie, I think of a thoughtful, practical person who sees the big picture. Someone I trust. 

Someone I’d love to sit down and have a beer with and someone I’d send to the park with my grandchildren.

He doesn’t use “Lower Taxes” or “Tax Reduction” as a mantra, but rather explains why we need public funds to make our city safe for all, environmentally friendly for all and envisions how to make the city an inclusive city for all to enjoy. 

A second term for Charlie is very important to me. He is the leader we need. 

Coordinated approach to public safety involving social warriors and health professionals in the aspect of publicly paid policing - the Safe Community Action Alliance speaks to this. 

To him, tackling homelessness is more than removing them from the streets of downtown,  but rather trying to work on a collaborative community-driven approach to find them shelter that comes with health and mental health services. 

He has worked with provincial and federal officials to handle the Covid pandemic to ensure funding and a planned, coordinated approach. 

In this election, “I’m with Charlie”.

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