Elder Nora Cummings

I’ve lived in Saskatoon for 83 years and this is the first time that a Mayor has taken the time to get to know me. As a senior I feel it’s so important that he listens and respects what seniors have to say. I feel Charlie Clark has done so many good things for this city in the past four years and I’m asking the citizens to re-elect him so he can continue the work that still needs to be done to make this a prosperous city.

I’ve watched Saskatoon go through so many changes throughout my life and I know that Charlie has the commitment and passion to continue to connect with everyone. He’s sincerely concerned for the citizens of this city - young and old - and he’s always there for all of us. When he makes commitments he sees them through.

When I watch him lead community events like the Rock Your Roots Walk for Reconciliation it gives me so much hope and confidence that he is the right leader for this community. He unifies people of all races and his heart is in all the work he’s done and continues to do.

As a citizen of Saskatoon I’m asking all citizens especially the young voters, to go out and vote for Charlie Clark as Mayor and give him the mandate to continue the important work that needs to be done. He’s a man that truly cares for this city and ALL its residents.

We owe it to ourselves as citizens of Saskatoon to exercise our right to vote and I believe that vote should go to Charlie Clark for Mayor.

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