Jacqueline Cook

Chief Strategy Officer, Vendasta Technologies

To me, Charlie isn’t a politician. He’s a community builder. I’m a strong believer that in his tenure he’s found a way to bring our community closer together. Unlike much of what we see around the world today, he doesn’t create polarization in our communities but has rather shown us that Saskatoon can have both and be both: we can build a vibrant, inclusive community while also fostering a strong local economy.

We can cherish our Saskatchewan identity while celebrating the diversity that others have enriched it with. He’s balanced public opinion with progress, heritage with innovation, past ideals with future necessities.

The record infrastructure investments he and council have made this year ensure we’re building a strong foundation for tomorrow, but the quality of life improvements they’ve made—the Remai, the Wonderhub, Merlis Belsher Place—ensure that we’ve invested in our community for many years to come.

Charlie represents a refreshing middle and his vision for Saskatoon is one I would like to be a part of.

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