Rachel Loewen Walker

Community leader and Ariel F Sallows Chair in Human Rights College of Law, University of Saskatchewan

As we head into the election, I am remembering the lead up to the 2016 election. Hearing that Charlie was running for mayor not only felt like a breath of fresh air, but it felt like hope. I was working with OUTSaskatoon at the time, and our community knew that we needed a change, that we needed a leader who recognized and supported the 2SLGBTQ community proudly and publicly. In the years since that important change for Saskatoon, Charlie has shown his support for the queer community time and time again.

Not only that, but he has shown this support for many other communities in our city that felt invisible by building relationships with community members and leaders, by understanding the unique needs and concerns of various communities, and more than anything, Charlie shows his support by showing up. Whether it's a local forum on housing, a community barbecue, or the pride parade, Charlie has demonstrated that all of Saskatoon's diverse citizens deserve recognition. I was proud to vote for Charlie in 2016 and I am doubly proud to support his 2020 campaign. Saskatoon is a great city and we deserve a great leader.

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