Regan Ratt-Misponas

University of Saskatchewan Student (2015-), Former Indigenous Students’ Council President (2017-2019), Former University of Saskatchewan Students’ Union President (2019-2020)

When I met Charlie, I was a university student returning to campus for my second year. He was running for his first term as Mayor. 

I was cautious when engaging with him at first because my initial thought was, ‘here’s another politician running for office’. But as we continued our heartfelt discussion, I was impressed by how much time he offered in getting to know me and understanding my perspective. We spent a large part of that evening sharing about what we envisioned for Saskatoon. 

Since then, Charlie has never failed to show up to campus engagements, meetings with students, and community gatherings. Still to this day, he listens to different perspectives, and works towards his vision of a thriving city. 

I fully support and endorse Charlie as he seeks another term to serve as Saskatoon’s Mayor, because I know I can trust him and I know he’ll have all people of Saskatoon in mind when making decisions.

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