Ruth Kinzel

Passionate Saskatonian, Business Owner

Having worked with thousands of leaders across sectors in my career, I know Mayor Clark is the real deal. Clear convictions, competence, deep respect for people of all walks of life, and humility.  A person of uncommon capacity and integrity. It’s never about his ego and always about our collective community interests. That’s effective municipal leadership.

He is an inclusive community builder, not a politician. Mayor Clark has stepped deeply into his responsibility to create forums that enable people and agencies to achieve shared purpose in the face of uncertainty.  And we are all navigating unprecedented uncertainty, while our city works to effectively address wicked collective problems.  There is momentum underway that Saskatoon must see through to fruition.     

We need a sustained, collaborative approach more than ever in this era of derision and division.  The right wing and the left wing belong to the same bird.  Nowhere is it more important to focus on the bird than in municipal governance.  Charlie Clark understands that and lives that.

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