Shan Landry

Community health advocate and consultant, retired health care administrator

Four years ago, I joined the campaign to elect Charlie Clark for Mayor of Saskatoon.  I was confident that he would lead our city towards new development, new partnerships and growth.  My confidence has strengthened. As our Mayor, he has demonstrated an ability to bring groups of people together and get them headed in the same direction.  He has modeled respect for others and used his own curiosity and appreciation for different viewpoints to help find common ground. I have seen Charlie work with community developers and leaders to encourage the establishment of the Safe Community Action Alliance. I have seen his quiet persuasiveness help to organize the Community Safety and Wellbeing Partners – many community service workers on the ground and those in leadership positions united and working to give voice and confidence to those who have been without a voice in the past, but need now, more than ever, to be working together as our city grows.

Today, standing on four years of hard work and a successful foundation, I believe Charlie can capably guide us through the pandemic with its social and economic unknowns.  His vision for growth, strategic investment and his commitment to foster reconciliation and inclusiveness will be successful in leading us to become a more efficient and sustainable city in the midst of Covid19 challenges. Leadership today demands decisive and effective decision-making supporting community desires and goodwill. As Mayor, Charlie can be our role-model and our partner for facing the pandemic challenge together.

And the future…. Charlie is not just a leader for current challenging times.  He learns and grows with his fellow citizens and shapes his leadership based upon what his experiences are teaching him, and what new goals are needed for safety, security and prosperity. He listens appreciatively to those who make their thoughts known and tries to find forums for those who need encouragement to make their contributions. Charlie can envision a united thriving Saskatoon community in the future. Through his inspiration and his willingness to dream, as well as to walk and talk with all citizens he is the best person to accompany us and lead us forward towards that shared vision for Saskatoon.    

My confidence in our Mayor continues. Charlie Clark is a man of demonstrated integrity and enthusiasm who puts his belief in collective action to work for the community.  His good humour, his amazing patience, his strong belief in finding ways to appreciate the contributions of all citizens and his ability to lead conscientious stewardship of our economic and social resources make Charlie Clark the best Mayor for Saskatoon. I’m with Charlie Clark.

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